The Coral Triangle – The Amazon of the Oceans


The Amazon Rainforest has long been considered as the lungs of the Earth due to its great size and biodiversity. Scientists have found the underwater version of the Amazon in the Indo-Pacific Coral Triangle. This area is now believed to be a great ocean resource that might serve a great purpose in helping the oceans and seas recuperate from fast depletion because of climate change and commercial fishing.

Six countries are within the Coral Triangle – The Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Timor Leste, Solomon Islands and Fiji. The Philippines is in the triangle in its entirety and Tubbataha is deep at the heart of this region.

76% of coral species could be found in the Coral Triangle.
6 out 7 marine turtle species are in the Coral Triangle.
37% of all reef fish species can be found in the Coral Triangle.
100 million peopleĀ are dependent on the Coral Triangle’s resources.

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