The best liveaboard

I have been in the Ocean Maria since its maiden voyage in the Philippines since summer of 2004. This boat is a home for avid divers like me, good company, most comfortable accommodation and well organized diving platform with the luxury of diving from its stern. This is best diving liveaboard for me and my camera!

— Tet Lara

Not a dive addict until OMs

Many people, especially members of the clan, call me a dive addict. But I wasnt one until I experienced diving on the Oceana Maria Scuba. One appreciates diving all the more on the OMs because gear is so accessible and there is no need for a chase boat. Its a simple matter of diving off the boat and climbing back on board after the dive. As a diving boat, it is very practical. And after so many pleasurable trips on the OMs, I can categorially say that it is a truly most reliable ship in rough seas. Easy diving, a dependable ship and a wonderful crew – what more can a diver ask for?

— Vina Monasterio

Ideal for an intimate group of friends

Having been on many diving holidays and many different boats, I can fully appreciate what the Oceana Maria has consistently provided: an excellent crew, amazing sites guided by expert dive masters, good food, comfort (very important to rest well between dives), and great company. She is an ideal size, too, for an intimate group of friends sharing a passion for the underwater world. I intend to come back again and again! Thank you.

— Liana Romulo

First experience with a Manta

Lots of photos from a wonderful trip we had on your boat. (A bit bitin because of the time we lost sailing in that rough weather we had but amazing trip nonetheless…) Dream come true, really, for me. First time ever in either place (after having wanted to visit them for years!). Had my first experience ever with a manta underwater (for more than 10 minutes)… What a creature…. Thank you – the boat and the crew are just great!!! We all had such a good time (and are having a reunion next week to look at each other’s photos/videos.) Hope you and your family have an amazing time when you all go!!!

— Geni Psinakis

Designed for divers

My family and I have been on board the MY Oceana Maria many times. The boat is fantastically designed for divers. My kids loved the ability to move around the boat without getting in anyone’s way, and the diving area is so efficient in terms of entry and exit. We especially enjoyed the boat getting right on top of the dive site, so we could jump off the back platform, instead of having to get in and out of a chase boat. Of course, the best part of OMs is the food. There’s nothing better than getting out of a dive and eating the wonderfully prepared meals on board. Our whole family is already looking forward to our next trip!

— Dennis Valdes

Just perfect

I thought going on a live aboard dive trip would be tight and intense. On the contrary, Oceana Maria made my weeklong trip enjoyable and relaxing despite diving several times a day. I think the level of service I received made a lot of difference. The crew of Oceana Maria was very professional and friendly. The cabins were maintained well and kept clean. After every dive, I come back to a neat and organized room. Oceana Maria brought me to great dive spots. Gearing up for the dive was easy with the way they have laid out the equipment. Cleaning the gear was also as easy as putting them on. Nitrox diving is what we employed in all our dives. Nitrox is the best kind of air to use. Oceana Maria knows how to make your trip a perfect vacation. I will definitely return to Oceana Maria.

— Crickette L. Abello

To the crew, you are the best!

Of all our trips to Tubbataha, the one we took with OMs was THE BEST and most memorable ever! The very efficient and accommodating crew made it their mission to ensure we enjoyed ourselves both in and out of the water. Aside from the excellent service, the abundance of fresh water, and the delicious food, the well laid out diving facilities made getting in and out of our gear and the boat a breeze. Literally, the ocean is your front yard on this boat… and all you have to do is take one giant leap and you’re at the dive site! To the crew: you guys are the best! We look forward to seeing you again very soon!

— Rommel and Cris Hinlo

Best accommodations of any liveaboard

The Oceana Maria Scuba has the best accommodations of any liveaboard we’ve gone on for Tubbataha trips. Each room has its own toilet and hot shower, and generous baggage space. The food is good and keeps one nourished and happy throughout the trip. The dive masters and crew are professional and friendly, and know the ins and outs of Tubbataha’s different dive sites, so you get the full experience of each dive site and the briefings beforehand are thorough. The dive facilities are also top notch, so that you can avail of nitrox services if you wish. We’ve had some of our best dive experiences aboard the Oceana Maria Scuba, and can’t wait for our next trip!

— Luigi and Luli Bernas

Life-changing experience

Having the chance to live aboard the Oceana Maria has truly been one of the best experiences of my life. Being an amateur diver, I felt like a peewee player batting in the major leagues. I was nervous, excited, intimidated and extremely thrilled all at the same time. My first trip aboard the boat was in 2004 when Tita Mary and her family invited me, my husband, sister and some friends to go on a trip to Palau. It was my 3rd time to ever go under water and although I was totally inexperienced, the dive master, captain, crew and team were so amazing so I felt at ease. Living on the Oceana Maria for 7 days felt like a home away from home – except this was better because you woke up every morning in paradise. The accommodations are extremely comfortable, food is over flowing, crew is top notch and I guarantee that being on this boat will change your life forever!

— Antonia De La Paz

Dive Adventures Onboard the Oceana Maria

From pygmy seahorses to whale sharks, through calm seas and typhoon weather – the OMs, as she is fondly referred to – has taken us from island to island in search of that perfect dive get-away….

And yes, many dive paradises have we discovered with the OMs!

It is obvious from the first moment you set foot on board that the boat is set up specifically for diving.  The dive deck is the heart of the boat.  Here, each diver has his own dive station – with a crate to hold all his gear and a tank rack where his tank sits all set up – ready to dive at a moment’s notice!

I’ve gone on dive trips (as a guest and also as a divemaster) on many, many live-aboards and I must say that the OMs has the most comfortable dive deck I have had the pleasure of diving from.  I feel so spoiled on every trip and on every dive!

The entire experience of the comfortable boat plus the excellent crew, the knowledgeable dive staff, the great food and the ease of diving all add up to making each trip onboard the Oceana Maria the best dive adventure you could ask for.  And that’s even before you do your first giant stride into the water!

— Gigi Santos, Divemaster