About OMS

The Oceana Maria Scuba is a 70 by 18 foot liveaboard diving vessel that has seen service in Palau, Micronesia and all over the Philippines. It has 5 cabins with 2 beds each and private bathrooms, in addition to 3 separate rooms for the captain, crew and dive masters.

OMs is designed purely for diving, and 5 dives a day are available to the 10 divers. Each diver has a designated area where the tank is set up and refilled, and where the diver’s equipment is stored and accessed. 2 outdoor showers await divers returning to the boat, and a warm towel is ready in their locker.

There is a separate area for handling any photo equipment. Wetsuits are hung on the side to dry.

In between dives, guests can eat or lounge around indoors where satellite TV is available, along with a DVD player and karaoke, or outdoors, where there is a fresh grill and shaded seating area.

We prepare 3 solid meals, plus snacks, and we will try to accommodate any special food or drink requests. Soft drinks, wine and stronger drinks are available, though we do not encourage both heavy drinking and diving.

OMs provides the most intimate and comfortable diving experience in the Philippines.